About Us

In 2007, an autistic boy was lost in Walworth County, Wisconsin. A call was made to a member of a local equestrian riding group to ask if anyone was available to go out on horseback to help in the search for this boy. A few of the ladies responded, and, in talking to the officials, learned that there may be a need to have a group of volunteers available to help in future searches. As of now, we have a group of 10-15 people who have been training their horses to accept everything that comes along with search and rescue. The work is progressing well, and we are ready to help when the need arises.

WAMSTAR has now been established as a 501(c)3 non profit organization as of January 2011! This is a huge step for our group to be able to offer our services and expand.

Whitewater Area Mounted Search Team and Rescue will be available to Walworth, Rock and Jefferson County, Wisconsin officials for help in search and rescue.

Thank you to the Wisconsin Horse Council for your continued support of WAMSTAR! Your sponsorship helps our team purchase supplies and provide training that keeps WAMSTAR ready to serve our communities!

Thanks to the WHC District 4 for sponsoring WAMSTAR in the purchase of radios to be used while out searching.

A special Thank you to the Whitewater Fire and Rescue Squad for donating first aid supplies, and offering our members CPR classes!

Thanks to the Johnstown Community Center for allowing us use of the hall!

Thanks also needs to go to the Township of Concord who donated money to our cause!

Thanks to donations, sponsorships and contributions, in 2015 we purchased a supply trailer. The trailer will be used to haul equipment to searches and trainings. We also take the trailer to public events to help advertise and promote our team. Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated to WAMSTAR!!

WAMSTAR Sponsors and fundraisers

Thank you to Midland Radio for your generous donation and assitance in purchasing new radios for our team!